Take steps to get the help you need.


Life gets difficult sometimes. You feel overwhelmed as a parent because of the issues your child has. You are worrying a lot or feel a sadness you can’t seem to shake. You don’t know how to get your life back on track to feel fulfilled.

But you are taking a step towards getting the help you need.

I provided help to frustrated parents who are having trouble finding the right discipline strategies that work for their kid. Work directly with children and teens to help them develop appropriate ways to manage their feelings and behavior. I also provide diagnostic testing to clarify what disorder your child might have and to develop a systematic treatment plan.

I also provide help to adults who are struggling with worry as well as those who feeling depressed. Additionally, for adults who need some strategies on how to set and accomplish their goals, I provide coaching services as well.

Can’t make it into the office? Ask me about video sessions. Go ahead and email or call to schedule your free 10 minute phone consultation.

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