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The decision of whether or not to pursue psychotherapy can feel confusing and overwhelming. While it is ultimately a personal decision, there are several factors to take into account.

Why Choose to Seek Help?

– I am more sad than I used to be.
– I can’t seem to stop worrying.
– I tend to act without thinking first.
– Those individuals close to me have expressed concern.
– I don’t enjoy the activities, hobbies, or interests that I used to.
– My job performance has declined.
– My boss is giving me negative feedback.
– My grades in school have dropped.
– I am having a difficult time concentrating.
– My weight has changed significantly.
– My friends are worried about me.
– I have been turning to alcohol and/or drugs to help me handle things.
– I have been harming myself.
– I have been hearing voices.
– I have obsessive thoughts.
– I have rituals that I can’t seem to break.
– I am having trouble in my marriage.
– I am worried about the direction my life is going in.
– I am engaging in risky sexual behavior.

How Will Therapy Help?

Individual psychotherapy would focus on:
– Helping you to determine what your triggers are
– Helping you to determine what circumstances tend to lead to or surround your struggles
– Teaching you the skills necessary to cope with your struggles
– Help you make educated decisions about medications
– Improving how you interact with others (family, friends, co-workers, etc.)
– Helping you obtain appropriate educational supports if appropriate

If you feel like you could benefit from therapy sessions with me, please feel free to contact me.

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