For Children/Teens

Knowing where to begin when trying to find help for your child can be a daunting process. Sometimes just trying to determine whether or not your child’s struggles are different from the “norm” in and of itself is a difficult decision to come to.

Why Choose to Seek Help?

The reasons are numerous, including:
– My child can’t ever seem to sit still.
– My child has a difficult time staying focused to get homework done.
– My child gets angry over small things.
– My child no longer enjoys the activities he/she used to enjoy.
– My child gets upset when she/he doesn’t get her/his way.
– My child seems sad, down, or depressed lately.
– My child doesn’t like to play with other children of the same age.
– My child prefers to play with children much younger than she/he is.
– My child’s grades have gotten worse lately.
– My child has been harming himself/herself.
– My child has been wetting the bed.
– My child has thoughts of suicide.
– My child worries about a lot.
– My child is drinking alcohol.
– My child is using drugs.
– My child gets into arguments/fights a lot.
– My child’s eating habits have changed.
– My child weight has changed significantly.
– My child has been bullied.
– My child bullies other children.
– My child is experiencing physical symptoms (like stomachaches, headaches, vomiting, nausea) even though the physician said exam was normal
– My child has been hearing voices.
– My child has routines and gets upset when the routine gets interrupted.
– My child has a difficult time switching from one activity to another.
– My child won’t follow directions.
– My child is obsessed with a particular topic, toy, thought, etc.
– My child is having frequent sleep problems.
– My child’s mood changes frequently.

How Will Therapy Help?

Individual therapy for the child would focus on any of a number of objectives, including:
– Increasing awareness for his/her struggles
– Helping the child to determine what triggers the negative behavior, thoughts, or mood
– Learn skills necessary to cope with the problems
– Decreasing problematic behaviors, negative thoughts, and depressed mood

Parent/Family therapy would focus on:
– Increasing parental/family awareness for the child’s struggles
– Teaching parents about the child’s triggers
– Equipping parents with the techniques to help address their child’s struggles
– Guidance on how to obtain appropriate educational supports
– Help you make educated decisions about whether medications are appropriate for your child and how effective they are in helping to manage your child’s problems

If you feel your child could benefit from therapy sessions with me, please feel free to contact me.

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