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Handling Aggression in Kids

My ultrasound appointments while pregnant with my boys could not have been more different. With my first son, when the probe passed on top of him, he tended to move and shift position. Pretty typical, I'm assuming. Typical enough that the technicians never commented. But then with my second son, anytime the probe passed over… Continue reading Handling Aggression in Kids

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Faith and Mental Health: Cleanse the Lens

With today being Easter Sunday, I deem it only fitting for today's post to tackle faith and mental health. Now, if you are not a spiritual person or if you are not a person of faith, don't exit out of this page. The analogy that I use still pertains to you. So please, read on.… Continue reading Faith and Mental Health: Cleanse the Lens

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Mental60: Would My Child Benefit from Mental Health Services?

The third episode in my collaboration with Black Minds Daily, Mental60: Talks with Dr. Cindy T. Graham. Interested in more videos? Subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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Mental 60: Talks with Dr. Cindy T. Graham

I am partnering with Black Minds Daily to bring a new feature in their Mental 60 series entitled: Talks with Dr. Cindy T. Graham!! In under 60 seconds I will be discussing topics relevant to mental health. A new episode will be posted weekly, so be sure to follow me so that you don't miss… Continue reading Mental 60: Talks with Dr. Cindy T. Graham