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Trending on Twitter Moments is a discussion on depression. This Moment was set in motion by a tweet from Andrew Tate (@Cobratate ) a former kickboxing champion, who seemed to be contending depression is the result of laziness. Enter Josh Peterson (@jdpeterson). He responded with facts about depression. Check out the conversation here: "Debunking the… Continue reading Trending

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Periscope/Twitter Live

Come check me out on Periscope (Twitter Live). My Twitter handle is @cindytgrahamphd. Here's what you missed from this evening's live session as I was winding down after the boys fell asleep for the night. I chat a bit about my family, my career, my educational background, and how I have no street cred. So… Continue reading Periscope/Twitter Live

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New Content Coming SOON

Hey everybody!! It's been a while since I have been able to bring you new content. I have great things in store for this new year. With this new year (and my birthday just around the corner), I have a renewed vision of the direction I would like my blog to take. Although I must… Continue reading New Content Coming SOON