Speak On It: Stomp Three Times on Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Introducing a new segment on my blog I’d like to call, “Speak On It”. This is where I will briefly voice my thoughts on a topic, website, article, video, research study, or anything else really, that catches my attention (read: I can’t keep my opinion to myself on it and feel compelled to vent publicly).

I’d like to take a few moments to speak on this video. It confuses me as a parent. It confuses me even more as a therapist. I get that the point is to encourage the child to get his/her feelings out in an appropriate way. I just don’t think that stomping on the ground–a behavior often associated with tantrumming–is an appropriate coping mechanism. I would much rather see this video direct children to do isometrics or progressive muscle relaxation. This allows the child to get some of the frustration out physically without engaging in tantrum-like behavior. Of course, deep breathing should be used along with these relaxation techniques. Followed up with some good ol’ fashioned high quality labeled praise to let the child know he/she did a good job in controlling his or her frustration.

I do like Daniel Tiger’s take on potty training: Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: When You Have To Go Potty

See an article or video about a topic and you want to know my opinion? Submit it below so I can Speak On It!!

One thought on “Speak On It: Stomp Three Times on Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

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