Speak On It: Glitter Bottle During Time Out

People Hands Holding Red Straight Word TimeoutThere’s a strategy going around about using a “Glitter Bottle” (read: homemade snow globe) to give kids as a distraction during a time out for inappropriate behavior.

You can read about it here on the website LiftBump.

My thoughts:
(1) No talking during time out. That’s why it’s time out.
(2) No fun things in time out. That’s why it’s time out.

The purpose of time out is to separate the child’s inappropriate behavior from reinforcement. By reinforcement I mean anything that will make the problematic behavior continue. You talking. Fun shiny objects. TV. A sticker on the wall. If these types of rewarding things are available during time out, the time out then becomes an okay place to be. Or maybe even fun.

A child in time out or in trouble

Use a timer instead of a glitter bottle. Any timer, clock, sand timer, etc. Just make sure it is not fun. Keep it plain and ordinary. And save the homemade snow globe for play time.

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