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Trending on Twitter Moments is a discussion on depression. This Moment was set in motion by a tweet from Andrew Tate (@Cobratate ) a former kickboxing champion, who seemed to be contending depression is the result of laziness. Enter Josh Peterson (@jdpeterson). He responded with facts about depression. Check out the conversation here: "Debunking the… Continue reading Trending

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Mental Health Month: Challenge 2 Thoughts of Gratitude

Ready for your next challenge for Mental Health Month? Great!! This week's challenge focuses on the thoughts we have. As we go about our daily lives it can be easy to forget the positive experiences we have. Life on a day-to-day basis isn't about winning the lottery or buying a new car or landing your… Continue reading Mental Health Month: Challenge 2 Thoughts of Gratitude

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Gearing Up for Mental Health Month

May is Mental Health Month and it is fast approaching!! I will have new content...challenges, videos, news, chats. Follow me so you don't miss out!!

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Faith and Mental Health: Cleanse the Lens

With today being Easter Sunday, I deem it only fitting for today's post to tackle faith and mental health. Now, if you are not a spiritual person or if you are not a person of faith, don't exit out of this page. The analogy that I use still pertains to you. So please, read on.… Continue reading Faith and Mental Health: Cleanse the Lens