July: Building Sandcastles

July is here!! Summer is in full swing. The sun is shining brightly. The temperatures are warm. (And by “warm” I mean “hot”. Not complaining, just saying.) Rain showers bringing a bit of relief from the muggy days. Trips to the beach, hikes along the trails, camping, barbecues, fireworks…so much fun to be had during the summer months.

A new month can mean a new beginning. Why not take this moment to reassess where you are with respect to your goals in life? Are you where you would like to be? Let’s pretend for a moment your dreams are a sandcastle. Is your sandcastle small and modest or does it stretch outward to the sky? Does it have a moat? Maybe a flag on top? How hard have you worked on your sandcastle? Have the waves led you to have to rebuild it a few times or even forced you to move it to a different location? That’s okay, roll with the changing tides. For my part, I’ll do my best to give you some of the coping skills you need to get that sandcastle built–whether it is small and modest or big and sprawling.

For the month of July I will be discussing various topics to help you work through the stresses in life. Some will be physical changes (like getting more exercise, drinking more water, and improving your eating habits) while others will be mental and emotional changes (e.g., challenging negative thoughts, improving your communication skills, increasing focus, etc.).

July is also Minority Mental Health Month so some of my topics will focus specifically on the mental health needs of cultural and ethnic minorities. Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat as I will be using each of these social media platform in different ways to bring you the encouragement you need to build the sandcastles of your dreams.

Comment below with topics you would like to have me talk about!!


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